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Divorce - Starting at $350.00* (Plus court Fee's)
Our divorce services are priced on a flat rate, fixed fee basis. Our clients are charged one up front fee which covers the preparation of necessary divorce documents, as well as the filing of these documents with the court. The flat rate divorce services include our assistance with your divorce from the beginning of the process, until the end for one low flat rate. Having your documents prepared is simple and only requires that you fill out one short worksheet, while we take care of preparing your documents in the right format and handle the filing of your documents with the court. Call us today at 818.891.1888, or click here to make an appointment or request more information.
A divorce ends a marriage and all direct legal relationships between the couple, except those specifically written out in the divorce decree or judgment. Such issues as spousal support, parenting arrangements, support of children, division of property and payment of debts may be addressed in a written agreement or in the body of the Divorce Judgment. A divorce judgment can include a division of property, spousal support and child support orders, depending on the specific facts of a case and the needs of the party. When both parties agree on these issues, the divorce is “uncontested.”
• SUMMARY DIVORCE Starting at ($350) (Plus Court Fees)
Parties that have been married less than five years and have no children may qualify for a summary divorce, which is both faster, less expensive and requires less paperwork. A summary divorce requires both parties to sign a joint petition for divorce which is filed with the court to open the case. After the mandatory six month cooling off period, a judgment can be entered in the case officially divorcing the parties. If at any point in the process either of the parties decide to revoke the petition for divorce, they can do so. It is important to be sure that either there are no material issues to dispute, or that any issues are resolved and agreed upon before filing this kind of divorce.
• REGULAR DIVORCE WITHOUT CHILDREN Starting at $350 (Plus court Fee's)
A regular divorce must be initiated in situations where the parties have been married for more than five years. An initial set of paperwork including a petition is filed, which is later served on the respondent (or non-filing party). In an amicable divorce proceeding, the initial documents can be served on the other party by mail, only requiring the respondents signature on one form; once signed, the filing party can proceed on is or her own to complete the divorce and receive a divorce judgment. In cases where the parties cannot agree on the terms of the divorce, the initial paperwork is served personally using a process server. The party being served then has (30) thirty calendar days to respond. In the event that the party served with paperwork does not respond in the allowed time, the filing party can proceed with the case and request a judgment based upon the relief being requested in the petition.
• REGULAR DIVORCE WITH CHILDREN Starting at $650 Plus Court Fee's
A regular divorce must be initiated in situations where the parties have been married for more than five years and/or have minor children of the marriage. In a divorce proceeding involving children, the parties can be as specific as they like in regards to custody and visitation schedules. If the parties like, a specific visitation schedule can be outlined in a marital settlement agreement. Generally, child support is paid to the non-custodial party in a proceeding; although if agreed upon, child support can be reserved and not paid at the time of divorce if the parties agree on this provision. Custody in divorce cases involving minor children is generally based upon what the parties can agree to. In the event that the parties cannot agree, sometimes a hearing or trial is required to determine what is adequate for the needs of the minor children.
We prepare all of the required divorce forms, as well as a Marital Settlement Agreement if you have children, assets or debts.
Call us today at 818.891.1888, or click here to make an appointment or request more information.
*Filing fees and process serving fees not included in our rate

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